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Universal Centre for Spiritual Research and Development

|Come know Relish your Dreams

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Check here for upcoming events. The calendar is updated periodically throughout the week.


Welcome to Universal Centre for Spiritual Research

and Development

This is the homepage of Universal Centre of Spiritual Research and Development a site dedicated to better understanding of the Universal Truth.

Here you shall find access to wide variety of materials about Universal Truth, its revelation, teaching and philosophy as well as ways of reaching out to the universal Truth. There are also some links to Contemporary topics which you may find interesting. Please browse around Enroll today to begin your Spiritual adventure!

The Practice pages includes commentaries and teachings by various teachers from the Náimisa Lineage and many others.  

There’s quite a bit of material for one to browse around, please do enjoy the moment for some of the information don’t fit regularly into any category as seen or heard and we are sure that you shall find something of interest.

I highly recommend the search facility on this site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for readily, try the search box on this page. It works like a regular Google search with key words or phrases.

Spiritual and Professional Programs

Universal Centre for Spiritual Research and Development has several programs designed specifically for the sincere and truth seeking people who can become part of a living legacy that allows sincere and honest seekers to see, know,understand, realize and accept the truth. Take a look at our Services page to see the different course offerings that are going on. Class enrollment is available now! For Details do visit our Course and Events Page

Knower of the now Is unknown to the knower

For the one who knows is now             ~Maitreya

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Upcoming Events

Book Launch Event

Universal Centre for Spiritual Research comes out with new books frequently. Do keep checking this area for the updated information. 

Certfication Courses

Many of the Courses of Universal Centre for Spiritual Research and Development have Certification Options and also allowing to be Certified as Teachers.

Teachers and Best students!

Kindly see this link for the Teachers authorized by Universal Centre for Spiritual Research and Development for conducting various courses.

Find Updations on the Best Students of Courses also from this link.

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Soul Searchers was founded by Maitreya Rudrabhayananda in 1996 and Registered as a Socio Charitable Trust in Delhi. Universal Centre for Spiritual Research and Development supports Charitable causes of Soul Searchers from its days of inception.

You can find more about them from  




Can I say anything more, other than say the books are truly out of this world and this helps one to truly understand the truth beyond the religious norms

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